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License Plate

License Plate at the DMV

License Plate

Hello there! Are you prepared for a crash course in the world of license plates? Put on your seatbelts!

Whether you're applying for new plates, renewing existing ones, or transferring tags, we've got all the information you need right here. We'll also let you know how much all of this may cost, as well as any other juicy facts you should be aware of.

Every state requires your vehicle to display a license plate issued by its automobile registration hub, commonly referred to as the DMV. When you register your car, you will receive your gleaming new license plates. Remember, these plates will not last forever! They must be renewed on a regular basis. The validity period differs by state, so keep a look out for that information.

And don't worry if you've misplaced, had stolen, or damaged your license plate; we've all been there. You may get them replaced in any state, and you can typically transfer them to another vehicle or owner. Your state's license plate website will assist you through the process of replacing and transferring tags.

And here's the cherry on top: We've included links to forms, fees, and instructions to make your license plate transactions a snap. You'll also discover contact information for your local DMV and helpful hints to make the procedure go as smoothly as your previous road trip.

Are you ready to jump in? Click on your state to learn more about license plates, including how to apply, renew, replace, and transfer tags, as well as the cost of these services. You'll also learn what to do with your license plates once you've sold your automobile.

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