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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration at the DMV

Vehicle Registration

When you buy an automobile, you must legally register it with your local car services department. Depending on where you reside, this may be referred to as the DMV, SOS, DOR, MVD, or something else. When someone asks for your car registration number, they are most likely referring to your car Identification Number (VIN).

Registration in your state

Whether you're registering a car, truck, motorbike, ATV, RV, or trailer, your state's vehicle registration homepage will provide you with further information about:

  • The paperwork required to register your automobile.
  • The registration paperwork you'll need to fill out.
  • The expense of registering your automobile.
  • Any municipal or state taxes you may be required to pay.

Concerning Branded Titles

If you want to register an automobile with a unique sort of title, such as a "branded," "abandoned," or "salvage" title, call your state's motor services department (DMV or equivalent) first. They may need you to complete additional documentation and pay additional expenses.

Before you can formally register your automobile, you must usually perform the following:

  • Check that the automobile title is in your name.
  • Pass a test to determine your vehicle's emissions or pollution levels.
  • Pass a safety inspection to verify your vehicle is in excellent working order.
  • Have automobile insurance.

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